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Break the Mould


Do you ever keep doing things the same way, make the same choices, have the same thoughts?  We all have our own ways and live our lives to suit our own needs, but sometimes you can get stuck in your own normality, we do things out of habit, chose the same things, think the same thoughts, just because it is what we have always done.

I have started doing things differently, trying new ways and thinking our of the box, it’s early days but so far so good, the sky hasn’t turned black (well no more than any other British Summer), the world is still tuning and I still feel like me.

Why not give it a go, start small, have a different lunch, take a different way, do things is a different order.

Break the mould today.

Technology Brain Jam


Now I’m a big fan of pen and paper, it’s what I grew up with, so the words in the above image are all a bit gobble-de-gook to me.  (I also grew up with push button TVs with only 3 channels and manual typewritters!)  So setting up a new website is quite a challenge, but one that I have risen to and, with a little help from Google and YouTube, I’m very pleased with the result.

It’s a bit of an ongoing process but then so is life, as the world changes so we must learn to adapt and deal with new ways of doing things.  At the same time, however, we must still retain the essence of our true selves.

I will always be a pen and paper girl, I have a smart phone with apps galore, but you will still find a note book and pen in my handbag.

Caroline x

This Girl Can

Ahhhhhhh, the perils of a desk job!

Now I have a desk job I need to find an easy way to exercise, essentially to shed a few pounds but ultimately so I can eat more.  So I started on a walking regime and now have a few different walks depending on how much time I have.

Earlier in the year, together with 3 friends, I entered the race for life in aid of cancer research, and last week I found myself entering their half marathon night time shine walk on 24th September.

So for the next 5 months this will be my story, beyond that?  Who knows, maybe I’ll walk a full marathon, maybe I’ll run a half one, we’ll see how things go.

If you would like to support Cancer Research please click here to make a donation on my just giving page.

Thanks for your support


Caroline x

Get Happy

A great song sung by an amazing performer, lifts the spirits and makes me want to dance and sing along.  It’s sad, though, to wonder if the singer herself was ever truly happy.

Happiness is defined on Wikipedia as a mental or emotional state of wellbeing characterised by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

What does it take for you to Get Happy?

In todays rushed and busy lives we sometimes muddle through our days on autopilot, our responses can be reflex actions, and our days run by the needs of our routines.  What would it take to break your routine for a few minutes?  How would it be if you did something out of the ordinary, something you enjoy, a five minute chat to a friend, sit outside and take in your surroundings, take a break with a cuppa and a magazine or some music.  Doesn’t have to be much, or cost anything, just needs to be something for you.

So come on, the sun is shining (somewhere), chase all your cares away and shout hallelujah, but above all, Get Happy.

Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny – Stephen Hawking


Last week I went to see 2 films, The Theory of Everything and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.  One centred on the life of a man who overcame a physical diversity and the other staring a comic genius who struggled with issues related to the mind.  This got me thinking, what would be worse for me?

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease or motor neurone disease) very early on, devastating for a young man with his whole life and career ahead of him.  As portrayed in the film, he initially withdrew from life and struggled to accept what was happening, yet with the help and support of friends and family, he looked to what he could do, and found tools/equipment that would help him achieve.  He used his mind to overcome his issues and refused to allow it to hinder him.

Robin Williams was physically quite fit, excelled at school and was part of the soccer and wresting teams.  He admitted that it was due the stress of doing stand up comedy, calling it a “brutal field”, that he stared to use drugs and alcohol early on in his career and a wake up call in the early eighties lead him to quit, turning to exercise and cycling he used his body to help overcome his depression.  Although staying clean of drugs he did, in later years, return to alcohol and admitted himself to a clinic for rehabilitation.  It has been widely reported that, prior to his death, he had been suffering from severe depression and had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, however, the post mortem concluded that the critical factor to his suicide was Dementia with Lewy bodies.   This is a progressive degenerative dementia which is associated with Parkinson’s disease and would have accounted for the increase in paranoia that Williams was reported to have had shortly before his death.

Up until now I have always thought that it would be better to let the mind go before the body, that disability would be harder to cope with, but this has made me think.  The world is moving fast, there are more and more aids for disability and people on the outside are always willing helpers.  But there is less general understanding of matters related to the mind, people on the outside find it harder to cope, they shy away, avoid the situation.  Mental health issues are the elephant in the room, everyone knows they are there, but no one wants to mention it.

I have always affirmed a fully functioning healthy body, however, I will now be adding the mind in to that equation.

The Sky’s the Limit – to have unlimited possibilities

It’s not as unthinkable as you think, do you realise how often do we limit ourselves.

Those of you in tune with the Law of Attraction will know that you need to be very clear in what you want, but not how you get it.

For those who struggle with the Law of Attraction here’s the deal.  If you want to sort your finances you may dream of winning the lottery, this is a limiting belief.  Your focus will be on the lottery and you may miss other ways to expand your wealth.  You must open your mind to receiving from all reputable sources, then look for the opportunities, they’re all there, just waiting to be found.

Also, ensure you include the bigger picture, not just the insert.  For instance, If you have broken your leg, you may wish for it to mend, if you put all your focus on your leg, are you neglecting other parts of your body?  Your wish should be for a healthy, fully functioning body.

So, when you follow your focus make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Follow Your Focus, and let the rest fall into place

Follow Your Focus


So often we look at what we want in great detail, we take our dreams and develop them, deciding on the full script, detailing every small part.  I have done this myself on many occasions, but I wonder now if, by having so much detail, we dismiss opportunities that could make out dream so much better?

We will all be making resolutions today and tomorrow, maybe not full-blown ones but our thoughts will be on what the new year will bring us.  Why not make things simple this year, chose an area of your life and focus on that in the most simplest of terms.

The two areas that will be most common are probably health and wealth, so lets look at how we can focus on these

We all want to be healthy and it is very easy to say “I am healthy” when you are, but it’s not so easy when you’re not.  What small positive steps to health can we take to feel healthy?  I would not suggest you ditch conventional medicine, however, it is widely respected that a good positive attitude can aid recovery, so here are some suggestions.

Don’t think, “I’m ill“.  Do think, “I’m having treatment”.

Don’t think, “Will the treatment work“.  Do think, “The treatment will make me better”.

Don’t think, “Will I always feel like this“.  Do think “I’m in recovery”.

Don’t think, “Will it come back“.  Do think, “I am healthy”.

What about wealth, when your finances are not in a good way it is very easy to focus on the word debt, focusing on this could lead you down the path to more debt, you want to put yourself on the wealthy walkway.  Here are some suggestions for wealthy thinking.

Don’t think, “I want to be debt free“.  Do think, “My finances are clear”.

Don’t think, “I won’t spend anymore“.  Do think, “I’m keeping my money in my purse/wallet”.

Don’t think, “Why do I keep getting bills“.  Do think, “I receive wealth”.

Don’t think, “I am poor“.  Do think, “I am wealthy”.

Easier said than done?  You won’t know until you try, just take small steps, as many as you like, these are just suggestions, use your own words, ones mean something to you, there are only 3 rules, keep it positive, speak the present tense and be open to new possibilities.

Have an amazing 2015, make it what you want it to be.

Caroline x

When You Wish Upon A Star…

Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do.*

They say be careful what you wish for, it might come true, but who wouldn’t want that to happen?  A problem come arise when we limit our dreams or focus on what we don’t want.

If you want to encourage wealth and abundance into your life you should focus on this.  Wishing to win the lottery is actually very limiting, it says that is the only way you want to achieve your goal, you are not being open to wealth from other avenues.  Similarly, if you focus on not being in debt, then you will encourage more debt into your life.  A good affirmation is ‘I am full of wealth and abundance’.

You do need to make you dream specific though, if you want to encourage someone special into your life think about their character and what is important for this  person to be, without doing this you may encourage the wrong type of person.

Keep your wishes in the present tense, assume it has already happened and is a part of your life, don’t think of it in the future, it will always be there and out of reach.

Wish lists are a fantastic way to clarify your dream, think about what it is you want, make each point positive and in the present tense, just remember to wish for what you want in the present tense and not concern yourself with how it will happen.

Lastly, and most important, give yourself permission to make your dreams come true.

If you need a little help with this I have a guided meditation called Live Your Dream which is available on CD or mp3, click here for more details.

*Leigh Harline and Ned Washington from Pinocchio

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it – Rev Charles Swindoll

This is one of my favourite sayings and one I wholeheartedly believe in, it’s taken from a much longer quote which you’ll find below.

Lately I’ve had many things going on in my life and my ‘to do’ list is ever growing, I started focusing on how many things I had to do, it was occupying too much space in my mind.  Then I remembered I had a choice, I could choose to think about what I had to do, or I could get on and do it.  I am now working down my list and ticking things off as I go.

I chose to change my attitude and create a more positive use of my time, this has freed up a lot of space I my head, new thoughts are formulating, yes this is creating more for my list, but I’m now going through it full steam ahead and loving every minute of it.

What is occupying too much space in your mind?  You have a choice to change your attitude, change your reaction, don’t think about what you have to do, just get on and do it.  Don’t use up your energy working how how to do something, use it to get on and do it.


Full Quote from Rev. Charles Swindoll

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company…a church…a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you. We are in charge of our attitudes

The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free. Baruch Spinoza

In order to understand we must have knowledge, but it is the integrity of that knowledge that can determine the level of our understanding.

All day long we are presented with information, things we are told, things we see, things we read.  We then choose whether to believe them or not, how we decide that is dependent on many factors, has it come from a reliable source, is it believable, do we want to believe it.

How often is the information we are given factual?

How often are we presented with facts that only represent part of the story?

How often do we choose to believe something because it suits us?

How often is the information opinionated?

We all have our own mind and our own beliefs, we make our own decisions, when presented with a ‘fact’ it is your choice what you do with it.