Find You, Find Love – ebook, Wendy Fry

bookwebpicFind YOU Find LOVE by author Wendy Fry will offer you the support, motivation and encouragement to work out how to get to the heart of love and relationships creating a happy and fulfilling life for yourself regardless of your experiences in the past.

Whether you are single, divorced, widowed, separated or in a relationship using The Spotlight Process and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) you will find out how to:

Redirect your focus and find love.

Let go of feelings that you re unlovable.

Envision your future exactly as you want it to be.

Get to the heart of love and relationships.

With this system you cannot fail, it is so simple and effective, Claire.

My whole life has turned around. I actually like what I see in the mirror, Laura

I am so pleased with the results it has helped me ease some pain from the past, Sarah

It has helped me in my relationship with my partner and I can deal with things better, Peta

Somewhere deep inside of you there is a desire for happy, harmonious relationships and lasting love. What are you waiting for? It s time to Find You Find Love and get to the heart of love and relationships.

Wendy’s second book, Mothers and Daughters is also available as a pdf download.

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About Wendy Fry


My name is Wendy Fry and I began my career as an Emotional Health and Relationship Consultant in August 2007. As a result of my own life experiences I became interested in emotional health and wellbeing. I am aware how much our experiences impact us and how our thoughts and emotions can influence us in a positive or negative way, giving us a life despair or a life of happiness.

My company ‘Be Positive’ offers support and guidance to those experiencing love and relationship difficulties. I will be able to teach you new ways of thinking and will share with you different techniques to release the past and look forward to a brighter future, full of renewed confidence, self belief and love.

I am fully qualified as an Advanced Practitioner of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Life and Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Licensed Advanced Practitioner of Future Life Progression, Picture Tapping Technique Practitioner, Emo Trance Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Matrix Life Purpose Practitioner working effectively to support as many individuals as possible to work through unresolved issues leading to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

My book comes from my heart to yours with love. It is my aim to hold the space for you while you too realise that who you are is amazing, worthy and most of all lovable.