Chakra Balancing


Also available as CD from my Etsy page.

CD Chakra BalancingCreate a feeling of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, by working on all 7 of the main Chakras to Balance Your Rainbow or cleanse a single one.

Clearing the way for the flow of energy through your body will help to crate peace and harmony within your life.

This CD also includes an introduction to Chakras fro beginners.


Track Listing

1. Introduction to Chakras

2. Balance Your Rainbow for Women

3. Balance Your Rainbow fro Men

4. Single Chakra Balancing for Women

5. Single Chakra Balancing fro Men

6. Gratitude Diary

The exercise will take 20 minutes and is a single stand alone guided meditation. It is important to listen to the 10 minute introduction first, although this does not need to be immediately before, they can be listened to on different days.

The single Chakra balancing is an 8 minute shortened version of the main exercise.

All tracks have been recorded to relax you, please do not listen to any of them while driving or operating machinery.


Also available as CD from my Etsy page.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT cannot change physiological defects or cure disease, however, it is able to assist you to manage symptoms, medication side effects and give you a more positive outlook.  It is widely respected in the medical world that a positive outlook can greatly aid recovery.

Before commencing any sudden lifestyle and eating changes it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or practice nurse.  This is particularly advised if you have any health issues or are taking long term medication.