5 Minute Meditations


Also available as CD from my Etsy page.

5 MINUTE MEDITATIONS FRONT COVER with candle imageMeditation is a form of relaxation to help you combat stress, improve your general health and help you to think more clearly and creatively.

Yet while we may want to meditate, many of us feel we can’t spare the time from our busy lives.

Five Minute Meditations has been designed so that you can access the benefits of daily meditation in just five minutes. This means you can meditate during work breaks, while having a cup of tea, or anytime that you feel overloaded by the stresses or demands of your day.

This powerful technique will improve the quality of your life and help you to achieve both inner peace and calm – all in just five minutes a day.

Track List

1.  Introduction to The Workout Room

Day Meditations for Energising

2.  Relax a Stress

3.  Calm an Agitation

4.  Comfort an Upset

5.  Forgive a Slip Up

6.  Pat on the Back

Night Meditations for Resting

7.  Relax a Stress

8.  Calm an Agitation

9.  Comfort an Upset

10. Forgive a Slip Up

11. Pat on the Back

You need only listen to the introduction once, this will guide you into creating your own personal Workout Room and lasts 10 minutes.  Please ensure you are sitting or laying in a comfortable position and will be undisturbed while listening to it.

The 5 other meditations have been recorded twice, each specifically to energise your day or aid a restful nights sleep.

All tracks have been recorded to relax you, please do not listen to any of them while driving or operating machinery.


Also available as CD from my Etsy page.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT cannot change physiological defects or cure disease, however, it is able to assist you to manage symptoms, medication side effects and give you a more positive outlook.  It is widely respected in the medical world that a positive outlook can greatly aid recovery.

Before commencing any sudden lifestyle and eating changes it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or practice nurse.  This is particularly advised if you have any health issues or are taking long term medication.